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How to Have a Custom Kitchen Without the Custom Costs

Posted:August 17 2017

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Most homeowners will put ‘custom kitchen’ close to the top of their wish list of home renos. But considering the tens of thousands of dollars a customized kitchen can cost, it might be on the wish list for a long time. If you want the custom-kitchen look and feel without the custom-kitchen cost, you’re in… Read More

3 Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas from Pinterest

Posted:July 13 2017

Post Categories: BlogTrends

How important is your kitchen? OK, aside from its obvious usefulness as the place where you store and prepare all the food you eat, your kitchen probably plays more roles in your home than any other room. From being the place where everyone ends up at parties, to being a homework spot, family meeting room… Read More

How to Choose the Right Hardware Finish

Posted:May 23 2017

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In a world that seems bent on offering us more options for almost anything we buy, from breakfast cereals to computer printers, there are those among us who would rather not have that much choice. In fact, having too many options can have an almost paralyzing effect on us when we’re not really sure which… Read More

The New Frontier of Space in Your Home: The Windowsill

Posted:April 25 2017

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You probably already use your windowsills for storage, but you don’t realize it. To show you what we mean, think about the sill in your kitchen. It probably has a couple plants because of the great light they get in the morning. And you probably keep some other things there, like your dish detergent, or… Read More